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High Quality Kiosks Made in USA at Reasonable Prices.






Designing and manufacturing a kiosk is a complex process having huge potentials as well as pitfalls. It requires robust and secure hardware and software so that the kiosk runs to its full potential and is secure against unauthorized access into the system. Kiosks, Inc. prides itself as one of the few manufacturers in the US to have the required manpower, resources and manufacturing capacity to handle such a complex task while keeping the cost low. Custom Kiosk Manufacturer

Where are kiosks being manufactured?

Most kiosk selling companies in the United States have their manufacturing units located overseas or are acting as middlemen buying from the manufacturers and selling them to end users. However, Kiosks, Inc. is one of the few companies having its own manufacturing unit controlled and operated by its own technical and non technical manpower. The customers’ specific requirements can be very easily met from a manufacturing unit owned and operated by the kiosk selling company that we are.

Customization by choice

We do not believe in selling a standard, one-fits-all product to our customers. We customize our products exactly as per client’s specifications. Having our own manufacturing unit helps us a lot to bring you a product as per your requirement. After all it is quite easy and a huge advantage to simply walk in the manufacturing unit and tell the technical people what is to be made. Compare this with the scenario of submitting client’s requirements at various stages through email or telephone and getting a communication back after a couple of days. And even then you are not sure whether your request has been properly communicated to the technical people or not.

Great cost advantage

Our commitment to offer you a customized solution does not necessarily translate into increased cost of kiosk products. One of the main reasons why you would find our kiosks at a competitive price compared to similar products available in the market is that we have our own manufacturing facility. We are not a middle man company or a third party facilitator leaving scope for booking of profit margins more than once.

Call us and speak to our professionals for expert advice. We have professionals trained to advice you on various hardware and software aspects of design. We also have long term alliance with our trusted partners having experience in specific vertical markets.